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New Wind Turbine in Portsmouth, RI to Deliver Green Energy- And an Estimated Three Million Dollars in Revenue

The island town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island recently constructed a 340-foot, 440,000-pound wind power turbine at the local high school.

According to material published by the Portsmouth Economic Development Committee, “the turbine pays for itself.” The green energy produced by the turbine is expected to net the town a nearly $200,000 dollar profit in the turbine’s first year of operation. Over a 20-year life (a conservative estimate since turbines are projected to have about a 25-year useful life), the project is expected to generate three million dollars in revenue for the town.

Portsmouth’s new wind turbine is expected to provide three million kilowatt hours per year of electricity. We applaud the efforts of this local community in harnessing the power of green energy to help create a better environment for all.

More Information: http://portsmouthrienergy.com
CNN Video: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/business/2009/03/18/dcl.se.windmills.cnn?iref=24hours


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