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The True Cost of Solar Power: Race to $1/W

A report issued by Photon Consulting in mid-March “The True Cost of Solar Power: Race to $1/W” sums up the need to not only provide green alternatives, but to do it in a manner works economically.  Companies highlighted include First Solar, LDK Solar, Q-Cells, REC, SolarWorld, SunPower, Suntech and Yingli – compabneis that have “emerged as low-cost leaders.”  The take away, “solar electricity in sunnier areas will be <$0.10/kWh by 2012, creating a large addressable market that is the grand prize in solar’s race to $1/W.”   This is a sure sign the innovators, believers and investors in the solar space are winning the battle against the economic realities that it’s fighting.  Go to http://www.photonconsulting.com/files/true_cost_exec_sum.pdf for an executive summary – go solar go.


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