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With the big lighting event this week in NYC (LIGHTFAIR ’09) – all eyes are on the best and brightest in the world of LEDs. And with all the incredible innovation, it was interesting to read today in Eric Taub’s technology column for the NY Times that there are still no entries in the twenty million dollar contest for an LED-powered lamp capable of replacing a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb. Sponsored by the Department of Energy the contest was announced at LIGHTFAIR last year, the prize will go to the company that can produce a solid-state replacement for the ubiquitous household bulb or the PAR 38 halogen bulb commonly used in businesses. The “L Prize” (short for Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize) will not only provide cash but also lucrative contracts with government organizations and heavy marketing and promotion support from partnering public utilities. Currently, there are 23 of these utility partners covering 29 states – pretty impressive market coverage for the winner! Looking at the opportunity ahead, I wonder which of the LED innovators will rise to the challenge. . . I only wish our light bulb was worth 20 million!


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