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This week Gizmodo highlighted ten green technologies that can help boost the value of your home, while reducing your energy bills. Among those featured was GreenSwitch, which uses wireless technology to help reduce the power consumption in homes and offices by eliminating the drain of unused electricity caused by unattended climate control, forgotten lights and “phantom power” (the energy that appliances draw when they’re not in use, but still plugged in) —saving hundreds of dollars on electricity bills and greatly reducing energy use (GreenSwitch claims a savings of 20-35% for the average home).

According to the company web site, 1.32 lbs of carbon dioxide are generated for each kilowatt hour of electricity produced and the average home uses almost 12,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The claim is that by reducing the amount of electricity you use by 20%, each household can reduce 3,168 lbs of carbon dioxide. With 111 million homes in the U.S. alone, the potential impact seems staggering.

Among GreenSwitch’s biggest fans is Ed Begley Jr., a.k.a. the greenest man in Hollywood, who was also featured on Oprah this week. While many celebrities support green initiatives, Ed may be one of the few celebrities to truly walk the walk, going so far as to peddle his energy-generating bicycle for ten minutes every morning to make toast. Many (including his wife) may consider the degree to which he has taken his green lifestyle a little extreme, but you can’t help but admire his commitment (albeit an obsession) to living green and using his celebrity to inspire others to ask themselves, “What changes am I willing to make?”

Read Gizmodo’s “Green Tech Upgrades That Boost Home Values and Reduce Bills” post : http://gizmodo.com/5233176/green-tech-upgrades-that-boost-home-values-and-reduce-bills?skyline=true&s=x or watch the “Living with Ed” TV series on HGTV: http://www.livingwithed.net/ to learn about other green technologies you can implement to green your home.


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With Earth Day coming up tomorrow (April 22nd), it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on how far green technology has come, and to consider where it’s going.

After barely making progress for decades, we’ve finally seen a surge in innovation in green energy technology over the past five years. This progress has been driven by technology revolutions in other industries, like IT and biotech, as well as people’s growing interest in cleaner and cheaper energy.

It’s great to see we’re making progress with innovative energy and environmental products, but we’re still a long way from creating practical technologies that will provide a low-carbon economy and a more sustainable lifestyle for the average person.

Martin LaMonica at CNET has put together a list of areas where he expects technologies to have the biggest impact. The list includes utility-scale solar, energy storage, and carbon capture/storage. Check out Martin’s article at: http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-10222781-54.html?tag=nl.e703

According to Marin, if solar was the favorite technology of venture capitalists in 2007, it’s now energy storage. Despite the number of technologies that store electrical energy, they just can’t seem to be too cheap, light, or environmentally friendly. This is a major impediment to the development of electric vehicles – the cost of the battery is what’s making the cars so expensive. Finding more efficient ways to store wind and solar power to use as reliable power would go a long way towards making power-hungry electronic gadgets (like electric cars) last all day and cost less.

In what areas do you hope green technology will have the biggest impact in the next few years??

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