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The EPA released its list of the top 50 purchasers of green power today, naming Intel as number 1 due to its purchase of 1,301,200,000 kWh of wind power a year in order to run 46% of its total operation. This is Intel’s second year in the number one spot. Other tech bellwethers on the list include Dell at number 4, Cisco at number 9, Motorola at number 44 and AMD at number 46.

Here are the Top 10 green power buyers listed by company, number of kilowatt hours bought, percent of energy needs met by green power, and kind of clean power used.

1. Intel Corporation 1,301,200,000 – 46% – Wind
2. PepsiCo 1,144,773,154 – 100% – Various
3. Kohl’s Department Stores 600,990,000 – 50% – Biogas, Biomass, Small-hydro, Solar, Wind
4. Dell Inc. 553,708,000 – 158% – Biogas, Solar, Wind
5. Whole Foods Market 526,995,000 – 100% – Solar, Wind
6. The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. 470,216,838 – 100% – Various
7. Johnson & Johnson 434,854,733 – 38% – Biomass, Small-hydro, Solar, Wind
8. U.S. Air Force 426,233,001 – 5% – Biogas, Biomass, Solar, Wind
9. Cisco Systems, Inc. 400,996,000 – 46% – Wind
10. City of Houston, TX 350,400,000 – 27% Govt. (Local, Municipal) Reliant Energy Wind

For more information see: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/04/purchase-green-power-top-50-buyers.php

Complete list: http://www.epa.gov/greenpower/toplists/top50.htm


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It was encouraging to see that a number of the cars on display at this year’s New York Auto Show, which took place from April 10-19, were either electric, hybrid, or gasoline-powered vehicles specially modified to be more efficient on the road. And IT industry leaders including Intel, Microsoft and others have been busy developing platforms and microprocessors designed to bring everything from mobile devices to media-intensive entertainment options to these next-generation automobiles.

Some highlights from the show include the third-generation Prius, which will feature a full electronics suite including a voice-activated navigation system, backup camera, Bluetooth hands-free capability and integrated satellite radio. The new Karma utilizes Q-DRIVE plug-in hybrid technology developed exclusively for Fisker Automotive by Quantum Technologies. A fully-charged Karma uses its electric motor for the first 50 miles of driving and burns no fuel; once the 50-mile electric range has been exceeded, the car operates as a normal hybrid vehicle. It also uses regenerative brake technology to recapture braking energy with an optional full-length solar roof that can help charge the vehicle, as well as cool the interior cabin while parked. The Cadillac Converj concept car on display at the show featured a solar panel on its roof to help take some of the load off the car’s battery and includes several next-generation accessories, such as touch-screens to control music, and cameras in place of side- and rearview mirrors that feed into small screens above the speedometer. Good stuff!

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There’s no denying that green tech has become sort of a buzzword in the industry, but beyond the millions of great ideas, is the reality of turning those ideas into successful business ventures. To address this and the various other issues surrounding the economic implications of clean-energy policies, Van Jones, special adviser for green jobs, enterprise, and innovation in the White House, recently spoke at the Bentley University Leadership Forum.

Tasked with coordinating green job-related initiatives among different government agencies, Jones relayed his message that a “riptide of innovation” was about to flow through the energy industry if President Barack Obama has his way.

In addition to touting the recent stimulus package, Jones indicated that the most promising industries for growth are those at the crossroads of information technology and energy technology.

“Five to 10 years from now, the people making the most money are the people who figure how to store those clean electrons and move them around the country,” Jones said.

To read more about Jones’ speech, check out the CNET News article at: http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-10220936-54.html.

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