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Certainly the entire world hasn’t jumped on the green bus yet, but it is probably safe to say most of us are growing more conscious of our energy use.  And given the state of the economy, saving a few dollars doesn’t sound too bad, either.  Much of the media glitz around green thus far has hyped the cost-savings benefits, but it still seems like most eco-friendly steps wind up loading an additional expense on adopters.  Of course, this isn’t to say some of these efforts aren’t worth the cost, but no green behavior will ever go mainstream if – over the long term – it costs us more than it saves.  Bottom line, right?

New (and very cool) company Visible Energy is looking to change this rather self-defeating trend with a new – and free! – tool that allows you to track your energy usage and compare it with other homes, schools, and businesses in your world.  When you learn exactly how you are using energy, you can learn how to reduce it.  And reducing energy use means saving money, which is a benefit on which everyone can agree!  

The company ultimately hopes that showing consumers their energy use and comparing it to those around them will empower them to change behavior for the better – not only to save money, but to reduce their carbon footprints and adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle that saves us all in the long run.

Have to like this idea!  Smart and simple.  Download the free tool now and poke around at www.visibleenergy.com.


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