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So, someone wants to make your website green? Hmmm  At first it sounds all too silly and trendy.  How much can web surfing really harm the environment, anyway?  But then you dive in deeper, and it starts to make sense.  If we buy green as consumers (assuming there is no significant additional cost or inconvenience, of course), then why not?  That’s the thinking behind www.co2stats.com, a new company that is providing a remarkably innovative approach to defining what exactly makes a site green.   Lead by Alexander Wissner-Gross (some call him a genius – that fact that he graduated from MIT with three degrees is a remarkable achievement in itself), CO2Stats has developed the ability to drill down and determine a website’s carbon impact due to each surfer.  Its tool even provides the type of energy (oil, solar, nuclear, wind, coal, etc.) each surfer is consuming, be he in Timbuktu, Los Angles or Zermatt.  Of course, the cost question remains, as does how it is passed down to the consumer.  We’re all in this together, but as individuals, we often tend to lean towards the lower price.




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